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Professionals Attending Seminar

2-Day MBA Workshop


Equip your team with the skills they need to enhance their performance. It's easy when you arrange for them to attend PAWCO's "Effective Financial Decision Making" seminar. Our financial workshop has been characterized by many graduates as a "2-day MBA" in Finance and presents essential knowledge in an easy-to-grasp, memorable format.

Professionals Attending Workshop

Teambuilding through exercises and case studies is an integral part and benefit of the program. It is most beneficial for middle-level managers and professionals representing marketing, sales, manufacturing, R&D, logistics, and information technology, as well as accounting and finance personnel. The workshop is aimed primarily at manufacturing concerns but is equally applicable to service industries. It can be customized to reflect client-specific data, should you so choose.

There are no prerequisites. The objective is to quickly and cost-effectively equip business decision makers and their teams with the financial skills and understanding needed to make better business decisions and increase shareholder value.