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What makes a great company?
The same thing as a great muscle car...HIGH PERFORMANCE

A great company requires a strong team with solid financial decision making skills. PAWCO's "Effective Financial Decision Making" workshop can provide the boost you're looking for. Provided by Phil Wolhar, CPA former DuPont Executive with 29 years of successful financial management training experience. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 


Cost-Effective Financial Management Training - On Your Terms

Business people make decisions every day that affect the bottom line—whether it's allocating resources, streamlining an operation, pricing a product or service, or developing a marketing strategy to gain that competitive edge. In today's competitive global environment, managers and professionals need the right financial decision making skills.

People in Conference Room Many financial seminars focus on accounting theory and preparation of financial statements. PAWCO's "Effective Financial Decision Making" workshop is demonstrably better, incorporating just enough accounting for improved understanding and rational, sound decision making. In just two short days, you and your team can develop the financial skills needed to significantly strengthen business performance. "Effective Financial Decision-Making" is a teambuilding experience that provides superior value and can be conducted at a location of your choosing. Sales and business meetings are ideal candidates for this seminar.

Do Accountants Sound Like They're Speaking a Different Language?

The "Effective Financial Decision Making" program takes the mystery out of understanding financial concepts and understanding your accountants. This fast-paced financial seminar presents information in a way that's concise, practical, and easy to understand—regardless of your financial background.

Putting Principles into Practice

PAWCO's "Effective Financial Decision Making" workshop is a hands-on experience. Participants apply concepts through real-life case studies that include both financial and strategic considerations associated with each business decision. Ethical considerations are appropriately stressed, as well as balancing the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

Take the test and see if you and your team can agree on the correct "real world" (not textbook) answers to the following easy questions:

 PAWCO'S Top Ten Business Questions:

  1. What does the Income Statement tell you?
  2. What does the Balance Sheet tell you?
  3. Why is "Free Cash Flow" so critical?
  4. What is the most important number on the Income Statement? (it's not what you think)
  5. What do you get when you buy a share of stock?
  6. How can you tell if an investment or a strategy is a good idea?
  7. What does money cost (A. when you have it, B. when you need it)?
  8. Can you tell what a company is worth by looking at its Balance Sheet?
  9. What did Jack Welch say are the 3 most important things in business?
  10. Profits are an op_ _ _ _n, Cash is a f_ct.

Return on Investment 

An investment in PAWCO's "Effective Financial Decision Making" workshop represents genuine, sustainable business value. You'll receive a superior learning and teambuilding experience for up to 15 professional staff members—whenever, wherever you decide, and for less than the cost of sending 2 people out of town to attend a traditional financial seminar.

29 Years' Experience. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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